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I am Maneesh and I welcome you to my personal website and blog where I post from time to time. You can find the links to my social media and Linkedin profiles at the bottom of the page.

About me

I was born and brought up in the Indian Himalayas in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. I studied Computer Science and Engineering and followed on to a career path adorned with challenging assignments and exciting opportunities that eventually led me to fly halfway across the world to Helsinki where I have been living since 2012.

I am a technology enthusiast, nature lover, a polyglot programmer, and a solution oriented engineer. I work at Ekahau, which develops a market leading WiFi network planning and surveying tool suite. I contribute to the UI and new features of the product. While on my own time I like to play around with latest technologies and develop some hobby projects. I am a thinker, tinkerer and a dilettante, always attempting to learn something new, and observing and trying to understand human behaviour and immersing myself into nature’s blessing arms. I am a cheerful person with a positive outlook on life. We are here to do good and it is our duty to live the most fulfilling life we can while also impacting others in the best ways possible. I care about health and wellness, child education and support UNICEF.

I am a vegetarian by choice and try to be regular with the practice of Yoga and meditation to help with mindfulness. Love watching movies and different fantasy TV Series, House MD, Office, Game of Thrones are some of my favourites. I love outdoor sports, mainly Cricket and Football. I am a European Level 1 Certified Cricket Coach and participate in coaching activities at a local cricket club. During summers we participate in the Finnish National Cricket League, and it is a very enjoyable experience. I also enjoy listening to music and playing my guitar every once in a while. What I hear depends on my mood mostly, I like progressive rock, alternative or whatever

About this blog

On the blog section of this site, I will be posting updates on my day to day tinker works and hobby projects I find myself engaged with. Furthermore, I will also write about technical challenges and solutions I may come across during work. Although, there is no set pattern to the posts, I will usually post entries related to my everyday life and thoughts etc. or if something extraordinary happens that warrants a place here.

Have a lovely day you all


Maneesh Chauhan